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In this fantastic (and free) download you'll discover the five simple questions you should be asking yourself that'll empower you to take action & find the courage and confidence to create the career & life you want.

About Michelle

Many people ask me why I do what I do. The simple answer is to inspire executives to do more inspiring work & transform their future. Working as an international headhunter I often found myself coaching candidates. Now I get to coach my executive level clients as a career. I know from experience how hard it can feel to be existing in an unfulfilled professional life.

10 years ago, my husband (a qualified accountant) was on the career trajectory to become the Finance Director for the international pharma firm he was working with.  The career progression had been solid, growing in a very successful company, operating in an industry unaffected by the financial crisis. The monetary rewards created a comfortable living for us both.

Despite all of this he was miserable and felt stuck.  He had no connections outside of finance and no idea how to change his life. I worked with him (using an early version of my career decision canvas) and we came to the conclusion that he was existing in a career that had little or no relation to his authentic work self.

We sold our house and he went back to college. To see him now working as a family physician, and the joy and satisfaction it brings him, helps me realise that with a clear vision, guidance and hard work, we can all do more inspiring work and live a more fulfilled life.

I’m an executive level career strategist and personal development trainer with over 15 years corporate, strategic, executive search experience. I’ve taken this knowledge and expertise to create the career decision canvas – a tool to help executives create a strategy to achieve a more fulfilling and joyful career & life.

"Michelle helped me steer myself down the right path for me – I wish I’d done this work years ago. She is an excellent mentor, listener & supporter."


"Michelle offers a thorough root and branch approach to examining your career history and aspirations and makes the seemingly impossible, both realistic and achievable. If you’re stuck at a cross-roads let Michelle be your guide. She will intuitively know the correct path to take."

Managing Director

"Working with Michelle has been one of the best professional decisions I have made. With the benefit of her intelligent and warm manner, Michelle helped lead me on a journey of self-discovery and insightful reflection – not always painless! Through doing the work, I learned as much about what I didn’t really want as much as what I did. Michelle also offers very practical assistance that played a key role in landing my new role."

Managing Director - USA / Canada

"Michelle helped me get clarity on what I really wanted to do and supported me in a radical career change from finance to medicine. I can honestly say that my work now as a GP is truly aligned to my values and who I am. I’ve never been happier."


About You

You’re a high-calibre professional at a crossroads in your career and struggling with one of the following :


I don't know what I want but I know it isn't this.

I'm blocked and limited in my current role but want to progress with my company.

I want to be a more impactful leader show me how.

I think I know what I want but I don’t know what steps to take to make it happen.

I seem to have tried everything and still haven’t found the right role for me. I’m so frustrated.

I need a job and I’m concerned that I have been out of work too long.

I don’t know what I want to do with the rest of my life but I want to make a difference.


If any of these resonate then you’re in the right place.  As a Career Strategist, I believe passionately that everyone can transform their future and have a career and life they love.


It’s never too late and you’re never too old.

Free Download of Michelle’s Career Decision Canvas

The Career Decision Canvas™ is a mind mapping tool to help you capture the factors influencing your decision making.

About The Career Decision Canvas

You're standing at a crossroads in your career.  You recognise the importance of taking time to get clarity on your vision for your life and career but perhaps financial or social pressure, or uncertainty around what you really want, is holding you back from taking the next step.

The Career Decision Canvas™ enables you to embark on a thorough re-evaluation of your current situation and in a relatively short space of time, will provide clarity and set in motion a plan to take your life and career harmoniously to the next level.

I created this canvas especially for you. Throughout my twenty year career as an international headhunter I noticed that lots of the executives I spoke to where unhappy. Many felt stuck and trapped. They had a great role in a great company with consistent career progression. Why wouldn’t they be content ? The problem was that many weren’t, and they didn’t know what to do to change it, or how?

For others, even though they had reached the top, their drive, ambition and passion was such that they wanted to continue to advance and grow but struggled to figure out how to make it happen.

You can download the canvas by entering your name and email in the box above and I’ll gladly share it with you. It’s time to get clarity on what you want and begin creating your vision for your career & your life.

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