"Your values are the foundation for all good decision making. When you're clear on what they are you can harness their power to guide your career to create a much happier life. When you work in greater alignment with your organisations' values the results for you and the business are extraordinary. Let me help you or your organisation create a more fulfilled and happier workplace by showing you how. "

Hi, Michelle here...
I'm passionate about helping people just like you discover your core values and align your career to them. I know from personal experience the amazing impact it has on every aspect on your life.
In a world of more than 7.7 billion people there is no-one like you. Think about that for a moment... no-one ! I deeply believe we each have a responsibility to step-up and be the most amazing, inspiring and fulfilled person we can be. 
When people are flourishing, organisations are thriving and society is winning.
Together we can do this.

"Having worked for a corporate company for so long, I realised the confidence I had in myself and my ability had actually decreased over the years but the coaching sessions and exercises between each one helped me develop a better understanding of who I am and what I have to offer any company. After working with Michelle I brought her in to work with our Executive team. The results were fantastic."

VP Human Resources

"Michelle helped me steer myself down the right path for me – I wish I’d done this work years ago. She is an excellent mentor, listener & supporter."


"I just wanted to write a quick short note to you, well at least whilst it is my head. I felt our session and overall discussion this afternoon was nothing short of brilliant. 'Brilliant' is not a word I overly use but I felt this afternoon was full of focus, deep understanding and planning. Thanks Michelle. It was brilliant. "

Commercial Director

"Michelle offers a thorough root and branch approach to examining your career history and aspirations and makes the seemingly impossible, both realistic and achievable. Let Michelle be your guide. She will intuitively know the correct path to take."

Managing Director

"Working with Michelle has been one of the best professional decisions I have made. With the benefit of her intelligent and warm manner, Michelle helped lead me on a journey of self-discovery and insightful reflection – not always painless! Through doing the work, I learned as much about what I didn’t really want as much as what I did. Michelle also offers very practical assistance that played a key role in landing my new role in the US."

Managing Director - USA / Canada

"Michelle provides a straight talking but helpful insight into the many options you can pursue in your organisation, but does so in a collaborative and encouraging manner. I now feel more aligned to my personal values, to the business strategy and I'm definitely more impactful. I feel a lot happier and others have noticed. "

Director Professional Services

About You


You’re a successful professional who has enjoyed lots of career success but you're thinking about some of the following:


Other people are often impressed by what I've achieved in my career yet I feel something is missing, help me create more connection with what I do.

I think I know my values and what's important to me but I struggle to balance that with the demands of my organisation, help me focus on what's important so I can bring my best self to work every day.

I lead a wonderful team but I feel there is untapped potential, help us uncover each members uniqueness so we can become more connected and move from good to great.

My organisation talks about values and we hire people whom we believe live our values, but we could be doing more to help our people connect with them, help us run a workshop.

I'd love my next role to align more with what I love to do, help me figure out what that looks like and show me how to make it happen.

Some of the Companies I have worked with