I'm passionate about aligning your unique values, principles & abilities to improve your career while driving corporate strategy & growth. I help people just like you to create greater alignment between your professional ambitions and your role to maximise your sense of personal fulfilment and joy.
I worked in the international headhunting advisory practice of PwC Ireland from 2006 - 2013. It was there that I noticed the challenges executives faced & ultimately what prompted me to set up the business I have today, helping professionals fulfil their potential.
I worked with business leaders who needed to step up to the next level and coached them how to do so, thereby increasing their income by 20%. I also helped organisations save millions of dollars by avoiding the cost of going to market & the instability attached to losing key personnel.
I created The Leadership Decision Making Canvas™ and The Career Decision Canvas™ which you can download for free.  I run workshops & speak regularly at conferences. You'll find me sharing insights on all the social media channels.

Individual & Corporate Stories

Here are four real-life stories from clients that could help you visualise the outcome you too can experience from investing in coaching for yourself and/or members of your leadership team. (Names changed to respect client confidentiality)

Michael, Marketing Director in Manufacturing

Michael wanted to stay in the same company. He had slowly begun to realise that he had reached the limit of his marketing role. Marketing was not a central function in his company at the time and his promotion prospects were limited. He loved what he did but knew he needed to evolve. He set about identifying what he needed to change to enable him to step up. He aligned himself more to his own values. He created more opportunities to demonstrate how he could impact on the commercial results. He was soon promoted into a broader role to a new title and salary grade. 

Sean, CEO in Tech Company

Sean wanted to stay in the same industry but had a ‘’block’’ in where to go and how to make it happen. He found himself not being himself and feeling more and more introverted with his family and friends. People began to notice. Sean worked with me to evaluate his values, what he liked and didn’t like about his role. We also refined his positioning & developed his personal brand in the market place. We enhanced his leadership skills. His increased leadership ability enabled Sean & his team triple revenue resulting in the business. The future is looking great.

Siobhan, VP Comms in Food Tech

Siobhan knew she wanted to work in a faster and more dynamic industry. Together we developed a strategy and a plan to highlight those skills sets and experience which she had in her current role that could be useful and transferrable to a more dynamic industry. But it was important that she was being her authentic self, so we worked on her values and principles. She stepped out of her comfort zone and within 12 months made the move to a more entrepreneurial, more fast-paced environment where she felt she made a profound difference and was more fulfilled and inspired with each passing month in her new role.


Anne, VP of HR in Financial Services

Anne was working in the same sector for a long time and had progressed to quite a senior level. That said, she knew she could be more and do more. She also felt she was no longer aligned to her personal values. She found it hard to balance them with those of her organisation. Working with me 1:1 over 12 months she re-connected with her 'Why' and focused on doing more of what she loved that would also impact on the business. The results where phenomenal. Anne wanted her leadership team to have the same experience & results so she brought me in to work with the team. It was challenging and uncomfortable for them but they are now working as a cohesive & aligned 'team' that optimises each persons' strengths. 

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