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Change Is In The Air

Jan 10, 2019

It's January and I'm feeling a change in the air. It's as if everyone I talk to is sharing their big dreams with me with a conviction & determination that THIS year is THE year they're going to make real progress & move the dial in their lives. 

Whether it's getting to the next level in their career or making BIG changes in their personal life, it feels like we're heading into a period of growth & transformation.

I wonder are you feeling the same way? Are you reaching a point where you've had enough of the same old routine and life and want to shake things up so you can really flourish in your career and really thrive in your personal relationships?

But before we all go getting pumped up and high-fiving each other let's take a pause for a second. Change ain't easy and it certainly ain't painless. It comes at a cost. And what about those around us who have no hesitation in saying......

"Who are you to play big or want more ?"

"Who are you to want to make changes that might impact me ?"

"Who are you to even think you could achieve that? You're crazy!"

But then again who are you NOT to want more for yourself and your family.

If you reflect back on your life hasn't it been a continuous journey of growth & transformation. You're not the same person you were five, ten or even twenty years ago. You've always been evolving.

But maybe the last couple of years have left you feeling a bit stagnant? Has your life stalled? As you and I both know if you're not growing & progressing, then you are in effect regressing. And that's not good for your career, your business or your life.

If you've got something stirring in your soul then I invite you to join the rest of us who are labeled as 'crazy' and make 2019 the year that you go for it.

Who knows ..... it might just prove to be your best year yet!



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Michelle O’Connor inspires executives to do more inspiring work and transform their future. An executive level career strategist, Michelle is a qualified coach & has more than 20 years of corporate executive recruitment experience. She enables her executive clients to fulfill their true potential and flourish in their careers & businesses. 

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