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I Wish I Was Homeward Bound

Mar 14, 2018

I was driving to a meeting the other day when I heard an advertisement playing. Paul Simon is coming to Dublin in a few months. As I listened to the usual promotional spin with an array of wonderful short music clips playing in the background it got me thinking.


It’s March and St Patricks Day is fast approaching. On a side note I heard that there’s a huge push from certain quarters to stop the use of  “Paddys Day”. I can’t remember who mentioned that to me recently but I must check it out. Anyway back to the story. The song got me thinking of the hundreds of thousands of people within the Irish diaspora located globally. This time of year is undoubtedly a time to remember family & friends who are ‘back home’ and to feel really proud to be Irish. And I was wondering... are they happy ?


Many are living overseas having moved away in the 80’s. A lot of my friends are in that category. Ireland was a different place back then with very little in the way of opportunities or job prospects. Others left Ireland following the global crash in 2008/09, not often by choice. But having landed on their feet, built rewarding careers and perhaps even found love, life is good overseas. I’ve come to realise that for many people that wasn’t the original plan. For many, a few years overseas was seen as a necessary stage in personal & professional development but the plan was always to come back home.


But as you and I both know, life has a funny way of working out differently to how we planned it. But here’s my question to you.. can you accept it? This is exactly the topic that came up on a call with a former client whom I was checking in with. While considering relocating home to Ireland in 2016 an opportunity came up in a different state in 2017 that was too good to pass. Nine months into the role things are going great, but the yearning for home hasn’t gone away. And it got him thinking: will it ever go away ?


And if we think about it, aren’t we all on a journey, accompanying each other along the way – heading home? And while that may sound grim, unfortunately my friend it’s the truth. As you reflect on your life and where you now live & work are you really happy? If not, who can help? Are you ok with life being ‘grand’ as we say so often in Ireland. Or is your heart & soul yearning to feel more connected, more charged?  As someone reminded me recently, surely the worst thing in life is to meet, at some point in your future, the person you could have been?


To all of my Irish connections wherever you are in the world, as well as all of you who are living away from your native home, I wish you peace of heart & peace of mind wherever you call home.

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