Leaders Struggle

Sep 16, 2019

In my work as a leadership coach & career mentor I get to work with a lot of smart people. They come from a broad & diverse pool of talent and they reach out to me for a range of reasons. But there is often a common issue which is this: they are in a leadership roles where technical expertise is no longer most important, rather it is their ability to influence, communicate and co-operate with others on the executive team. And that's not always so easy.


And the reason I say that it's not always so easy is that when a group of highly driven, ambitious, successful individuals are expected to form a cohesive leadership team and align themselves, their behaviours and their business functions with the business strategy, well, cracks can start to appear. 


Difficult Conversations

Sometimes it's because the CEO doesn't want to have that difficult conversation with the person on their leadership team so they choose to ignore the problem. But ignoring the problem, as we all know, doesn't make it go away. In fact, if anything, it can create even greater problems. Resentment builds up in other members of the team who see the CEO's inaction. Sub cultures can begin to form within the executive leadership team where individuals align themselves with other like-minded colleagues at the expense of alienating others. Very quickly a team that is supposed to be working in alignment has fallen apart. And it doesn't take an expert to know that when this happens it is impossible for a business to achieve its full potential. 


Unprecedented Times

Leaders struggle. I see it all the time. And even more so when tasked with leading complex organisations in unprecedented times. But there is nothing wrong in seeking help. In fact I would argue there is something wrong not seeking help. After all no one questions you going to see a doctor if you feel something is wrong. They'd probably say why didn't you go sooner!! Because the quicker we get a diagnosis and begin treatment then the quicker the recovery and the more effective the results.  


So my message is this: if you are struggling you are not alone. It is far more common than you realise. Go to an expert and get the issue diagnosed so you can fix is quickly and get you and your business performing at its very best.


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