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Overcoming Adversity

Oct 16, 2018

Sometimes life can really suck.

As I dropped my daughter to school on my way to work today I ran into my neighbour. Now I don't mean 'ran into' literally.  But as it happens a car had run into her and that's what led me to write this article.

For years I admired this woman from afar. She was an avid and highly accomplished runner. But today she looked different.  She looked tired and not the way I would usually see her. I wouldn't have been so direct as to ask her why but she brought it up herself. It transpired that she'd been in a car accident a year ago and was struggling with ongoing pain in her neck and shoulder. I could almost see it etched onto her face.

And this got me thinking about a few things. Firstly how lucky I was. I'm able to walk, drive and exercise without any struggle. Something we are all guilty of taking for granted. And secondly how each of us has to deal with difficult periods in our life, often not of our own making. We wonder are we equipped to cope with the challenges that life can throw at us yet we have to find the grit and resilience to go on.

But let's be honest it can be really hard. If we're struggling in our personal life it can be very hard to be at our best in our professional life. And vice versa. And yet we're expected to just keep going. Sometimes we put that pressure on ourselves. We can be our own worst enemies.

If I reflect on those times when I experienced real adversity in my own life it was often when people whom I loved deeply where suffering or who subsequently passed away due to ill health. I've had a number of clients this past year who've lost family members and it's devastating. How do you go on?

If I can share with you, it's at times like these that you really discover the true character of people. Whether they're your work colleagues, family, neighbours or friends. Often support can come from the most unexpected places and people. But it does come and people do help. You've got to open up to let people in so they can carry you during the tough times. And know that in time you will be able to do the same for them. Because no one escapes adversity but with support, we can struggle through the dark times and find the light at the other side.



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