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The Greatest Story Of Your Life

Sep 19, 2018

It's Autumn and I'm feeling a change in the air. My schedule is much busier. The weather is getting colder & the evenings are getting darker. Now I've no doubt that you too are noticing these subtle changes. I love this time of year even though I'm not sure why. Autumn is the time of year when I find myself reflecting on the accomplishments of the year-to-date. With renewed vigour, I reassess my goals for the remainder of the year and develop a laser-like focus on making them happen in Q4.

Do you find yourself doing the same thing? Are you reviewing and prioritising your business & life goals so you get the most from the last quarter of the year? I often find that many clients re-engage with coaching at this time of year. It helps them achieve greater clarity; focus on what's most important; stay on track, and achieve results.

I find that doing an exercise where I project myself into the future (ie December) and visualise myself discussing my accomplishments very motivating. It helps me get much greater clarity on what I really want and need to give my attention to.

Working with a client recently I took this strategy one step further. I invited him to project himself into the future five years from now and imagine himself being interviewed on radio by a well-known radio host. This lead to silence. I could sense that he was reflecting on the next few years and what would be so amazing about his story that he was invited to share it on national radio. No pressure!

It was incredible what he shared with me. This exercise gave him an opportunity to think long and hard about what he wanted to achieve - what he would be proud to achieve- and the change in his energy & enthusiasm was infectious. It helped him to see what he could achieve and to feel that it was possible.

So I'm curious. What if you undertook the same exercise and you imagined yourself being interviewed on national radio in five years time? What would need to happen in the next few years to enable you to tell the greatest story of your life?



About Michelle

Michelle O’Connor inspires executives to find more inspiring work, so they can transform their future. An executive level career strategist, Michelle is a qualified coach & has more than 20 years corporate executive recruitment experience and offers unique insights and perspectives on the executive market to help her clients prepare and position themselves for success. 


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