What Leaders And Irish Mammies Have In Common

May 18, 2020

It's 6.30am and I'm just home from a jog. Well let's not say a jog, it's more a hybrid of a run / jog / stretch / walk. It's certainly not a 5km run. Far from it !!

This is one of the most important habits I'm trying to integrate into my life post pandemic.

 That, and reading for one hour in the morning. It can be anything: a novel, a business strategy book, an uplifting motivational book. It really doesn't matter. I simply want to fill my brain with more vocabulary, more knowledge and challenge myself to retain and recall it. 

Leaders are held accountable.

Leaders are under enormous pressure to perform. And that performance is strongly dependant on the decisions they (and their leadership team) make. It's also dependent on the vision they set for the business, their Northern Star ! And we all know of plenty of examples where a wrong decision, vision or strategy has led to a business collapsing.

And I think we'd all agree that mums are the leaders in most households. Most Dads I know would openly admit it. Especially the Irish ones. Mums set the vision for the family, they set out the Northern Star. And they're under enormous pressure to perform. 


Leaders needs the right mindset.

With so many distractions, FOCUS is essential. It's what's going to make the difference between getting results, or not. It's also going to make the difference between finding some joy and fulfilment in what you do, or not.

Leaders need it in bucket loads. And so do mums. Focusing on what's most important. Saying 'no' so you can maintain boundaries. Ensuring that you're looking after your own headspace.

Leaders and mammies ( of every nationality) always put others first. We are the quiet, unsung heroes. We don't seek glory or praise. 

We ask our kids (or our employees) how they're doing ?

We make decisions that we believe show them we care.

We think of them more than we think of ourselves.

We encourage and support them more than we do ourselves.

We speak the truth even when that might hurt, but it's only because we want what's best for them.  

So during the coming months when we return to 'work' because we've all been hanging out in our pj's at home the past year.  Let's state that correctly as a return to the 'office', I invite you to think of your leaders. They're really trying to do the very best for you, for their people. Because a business simply ceases to exist without people. Much like a family. And just like an Irish mammy we don't have all the answers either, but we're open to hearing your opinion, listening, and supporting you. 


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