Elevate Executive Mentoring Program

 Elevate yourself to the next level of personal & professional success in your current organisation

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About Elevate Executive Mentoring Program

Elevate to the next level of personal and professional success.

Do you want to know what makes the Top 1% of Executives successful ?

Based on scientific research and my own experience working with executives, evidence suggests that they all have advanced levels of self-awareness, persuasive communication skills and a high degree of emotional intelligence. These skills enable them to achieve higher levels of productivity that are aligned to the strategic vision to achieve greater commercial impact.

How to rival those at the top of your industry ?

C-suite executives are under increasing pressure to perform more effectively, deliver significant results consistently and to do this with less time & resources. Throughout this mentoring program, you will learn how to develop & integrate the specific skills you need to elevate your performance to rival those at the top of your industry.

Who is this program for ?

This program is only for ambitious, driven and focused c-suite executives & business leaders. If you, or members of your leadership team, want to elevate yourself to the next level of personal & professional success in your current organisation, then this program is for you.

How to deliver an exceptional performance ?

Working with me, one to one, you'll learn how to maximise your ability to perform at your best under pressure. With the right skills & a clear focus on what's most important, you can achieve tangible results that will differentiate yourself as an executive who delivers an exceptional performance.

Why work with Michelle ?

As a former international headhunter with PwC I helped corporates find the very best leadership talent for their businesses, with a consistent emphasis on aligning skills and personal principles & values to the business strategy & values.

As a leadership coach I leverage this knowledge, insight & perspective, my early qualifications in psychology & my qualifications as a coach to help people just like you align your role with what you do best to become a more impactful executive & leader.

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How You Will Benefit

Gain greater personal awareness so you can play to your strengths & implement the best strategies to overcome your blind spots.

Identify your skills, capabilities & traits so you can use them more often & with greater effect.

Understand how you can influence, persuade and motivate others to achieve your goals.

Get really clear on your role & objectives to ensure you are aligned with the business strategy: achieve greater impact & results for the business as well as personal development & progression for you.

Develop greater resilience.

Identify your self-sabotaging behaviours & learn how to override them so you deliver consistent performance when under pressure.

The Results

I've witnessed first-hand the impact that my clients have experienced. Their lives & businesses have been transformed.  They're living with greater clarity & focus.  They feel in control. They've achieved greater levels of progression & success while also experiencing greater personal fulfilment. 

 About The Elevate Executive Mentoring Program

The program involves meeting face to face (if based in Ireland) for an initial meeting to scope out your specific challenges, objectives & goals. The second stage of the program is to complete psychometric testing specifically adapted for leaders. The next stage involves in-depth feedback and a review of the insights from the tests. Together we schedule your six hourly mentoring sessions at times and days that are most convenient for your busy schedule. Our final session will involve a review of your achievements & goals achieved. You will reach your goals faster and more effectively than trying to do this on your own, and be equipped with the best strategies & habits on your journey to the Top 1%.

International - via Skype & phone

€7,800.00 (excluding VAT at 23%)

€9,594.00 (including VAT)

"You get me to frame the puzzle, which in framing it also helps develop a solution & then the way you tease out the answer. What is interesting is that while you don’t know our business, that fact is irrelevant, which reassured me that the issues we all face are consistent across industries and companies. It is not always an easy or comfortable process which is kind of the point, but it does require that investment. It’s not a question of “would” I recommend you ... I have actually recommended you !"

IT Director

"Your expertise in this space is strong offering more mentoring than coaching. You helped me think through my situation and created a plan that worked for me. You didn't just trot out some canned approach to my situation. You were willing to step on board with my quick pace and match the cadence I wanted. Your delivery was excellent, working with me to find solutions, motivation and providing support. It was invaluable."

Global Manufacturer
Director of Innovation

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