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Reset Good Habits, Reignite your Passion and Realign your Values for Greater Personal & Business Impact

Peak performance is easily understood in athletes.

But what if you applied the same level of attention, dedication and work ethic we know works in sports to your business & professional development ?

In a period of unprecedented economic upheaval organisations are focussing on future-proofing their business strategy. It is those who lead the collective efforts & activities of their people to deliver on this strategy who carry the biggest burden.

You probably feel you're already running at 100% but getting just 1% better every day could improve your results by 37%. Do you want to find out how?

Scroll down to EVOLUTION 101 - Program Structure and find out what it can do for YOU.

Hi, I'm Michelle O'Connor, creator of The Leadership Decision Making Canvas™ and The Career Decision Canvas™.

An international leadership coach and career mentor with 20 years of experience partnering with local and global organisations to highlight, target and develop top talent and teams, by insightful analysis of what makes the difference between good and great.  I am passionate about harnessing the power of people's unique abilities, core values & drive to impact on business strategy & growth. I  help people just like you to align your values & ambition with your role and maximise what you do best to become a more impactful executive & leader.

The Challenges You Face

While serving in the international headhunting practice of PwC Ireland I noticed the wide range of issues executives faced. As ambitious professionals they were keen to step up to the next level and take on the many challenges associated with that. But often they found themselves in a lonely place. Unable to share the challenges of their new role & the burden they carried to impact on the business strategy, they faced many problems:

  • how to gain clarity on what initiatives are most important for business results;
  • how to prioritise, manage & deliver your most important projects;
  • how to align what's most important for you (your values) with what's required by the business;
  • how to maximise your personal performance as well as your teams performance.

Are you focusing on the right strategies for maximum impact on YOU? You're a smart person and I'm guessing you already know that you should be doing something for your professional development. But with so many resources, courses & alleged 'experts' out there, how do you know what to focus on and how can you be sure it really works?

Do you want to shorten the learning curve for YOU ? I find that ambitious professionals like you are already very busy. Every moment is focused on delivering your strategic goals and you're committed to spending quality time with family & with your community when you're not at work. So here's the other problem: you don't have time to spend on your professional development and you certainly don't have time to waste on a program that doesn't work. 

Do you know how a a mentor would enable lasting positive change for YOU? You're a leader who inspires your people to expect more of themselves & deliver more. You hold your people accountable for delivering results. You expect a lot from yourself too and aspire to over-deliver and over-achieve business results.

What impact would your own personal Board of Directors have on YOU? While working in PwC I noticed that one of the greatest resources available to business professionals & leaders was their ability to ask questions to really smart people. What difference would access to a group of highly experienced & diverse business professionals have on you and your business ? Imagine having your own personal board of directors to help you deal with your challenges. 

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This is what I hear from my clients, and people like you:

I'm always pushing myself & my team to do better, to be better.  But the more I push myself the more I feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

I'm trying to focus on so many projects that I lose all clarity about what is most important to deliver the business strategy. 

I feel misaligned to my values and it impacts on my ability to connect with my friends, family & community. My health is suffering.

I keep saying someday I'll do something about it, I'll start again. I'll undo all those small bad habits and develop new ones.


After many years I finally figured out what works, what doesn't work and how to turn the dial from 'good-to-great'. What I've learned more than anything else is that big scary changes are hard to implement and stick to. They don't really work. But what does work are small tweaks & adjustments across every facet of your business and life. Combined they make a significant impact on how you live & work (your system) which enables you to achieve your dreams & ambitions (your goals).

My Clients Results

Taking small action on a regular & consistent basis builds momentum. And with momentum things begin to improve really quickly.  

Mornings & evenings routines resulted in significantly less stress.  They stabilised their previously erratic eating habits to develop a more sustainable & healthier eating plan. Many began juicing for the first time in their life. Daily exercise now became the 'norm' rather than something they would fit in when they had time.  They began to feel more like themselves again and their children, family & friends began to notice.

Working on themselves enhanced their ability to work on their business and their teams. Many international clients progressed to more senior global roles in their organisation resulting in greater responsibilities with up to 20% higher remuneration.

They felt more confident in their ability to handle the extra pressure and were really excited about tackling new business problems.

Others improved their health & fitness so much that they tell me they're in better shape now than they were in their 20's.

All developed a greater connection with their values and those of their organisation resulting in greater professional satisfaction & fulfilment.

Many leaders noticed a significant improvement in their ability to influence & inspire their people.

With greater clarity on their values they developed their ability to make better business decisions and become even more authentic leaders.

Their personal lives, professional careers and the businesses they worked in were transformed.

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I created EVOLUTION 101 for YOU. Throughout my career I've worked with ambitious professionals & leaders to achieve business success. I've seen first-hand the pressure you are under to perform at 100% all of the time. And here's the thing. You do perform at this level most of the time but it's becoming harder. You must sustain your existing level of performance just to stay relevant. But as the fast pace of business change increases it's becoming even more challenging & competitive.  Staying relevant isn't enough anymore. Your business demands more and you want to be ready to give more.

What You Will Achieve

This course will help YOU identify the range of factors that impact on YOUR performance and develop a system that will enable & support YOU to implement sustainable change for immediate & long-term success.

A 1% improvement in your performance over the course of a year can increase your impact by 37% (ref James Clear: Atomic Habits).  How would you, your business and your team benefit from this level of improvement ?

You'll achieve the following:

  • Identify, enhance & maximise your performance strengths
  • Identify your self-limiting behaviours & implement strategies to overcome them
  • Identify what values are important to you and how to align yourself to them
  • Enhance your existing high performance mindset
  • Develop the strategies to influence & persuade on purpose
  • Implement small changes now to sustain you into the future
  • Achieve more while doing less


Register Your Interest By Booking A Call With Michelle before Friday 8th December | Attendee Screening 8-16th December | Program Commences 17th December | Payment Option: Dec 2019 or Jan 2020

This is more than a leadership development course. This is a rigorously tested six month program running from December 2019 - May 2020, using a combination of learning techniques:

  • one-to-one coaching with me;
  • personal & group on-line mentoring;
  • downloadable resources;
  • self-reflection exercises;
  • membership of your unique & personal Board of Directors (PBD);
  • attendance at one-day workshop in 5* hotel in Dublin city centre in January 2020;
  • weekly accountability check-ins;
  • and a review of your results both during and at the end of the program. 

I know just how busy you are. Trying to find a day or a weekend every month to attend a management development program can be challenging. This program is structured to enable you to complete elements in your own time whenever that suits you. Group webinars will be recorded so if you can't attend a particular time you don't miss out. You'll have the support of a group of self-selected professionals who will add huge value to your professional network. You'll also access to my wider, international network and alumni that covers most disciplines & sectors. 




The first six weeks of the program (Module 1) are a chance to focus on YOU, the theme here is self-reflection. When we know who we are, what's important to us, what we care about and what we want to achieve, we significantly increase our chances of achieving our ambitions.

You will be invited to complete three assignments:

1.01 Questionnaire

1.02 Reflective Essay

1.03 Values & Principles Exercise

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Members Area: Each member will have access to their own, personal Members Area where they can download the worksheets and resources required to complete their three assignments.

Pre-assessment questionnaire: You will be asked to respond to 10 questions & score your answers on a pre-assessment questionnaire.  The questionnaire will help you clarify where you currently are and where you want to get to, while reflecting on what obstacles stand in your way.

Reflective essay: Each member will write a 250 word reflective essay asking them to consider their role, position, challenges and ambitions. This is a powerful exercise to help each participant understand & become more aware of their mindset as they embark on the program.

Values & Principles Exercise: We often talk about values & principles, and while most people think they know what theirs are, many struggle to articulate them and explain why they are important. You might be surprised to hear that my set of cards has 72. As part of this program you will be given a set of my Principles & Values cards with clear instructions on how to discover your own.

Coaching Session: Every member will also receive a 1.5 hour online coaching session with me to discuss the results from the exercises.  

The benefit of taking time out for personal & professional reflection gives you the opportunity to achieve greater clarity. This is critical. When we know what's working, what's not working and what we want to improve, we can begin the process of building the correct plan to support our goals. Without clarity we can find ourselves stuck in behaviours that no longer serve us or focus our attention on changing the wrong things. 



The second phase of the program (Jan/Feb 2020) will focus on taking what you've learned in Module 1 to a deeper level and moving from self-reflection to group learning and planning.

Module 2 consists of three elements:

2.01 Psychometric Test For Leaders

2.02 One Day Workshop - S.O.A.R Model

2.03 Personal Board Of Directors (PBD)

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Leadership Psychometric Test: In this module you will complete a leadership focused psychometric test to provide you with an even deeper insight into who you are, what is your leadership style, what are your drivers and motivators but also what has the potential to derail you. We know what we know but what impact would it have getting clarity on what we don't know ? The aim of this test is to help you find out. Armed with this insight, you can start to prioritise what you really want and need to focus on. It will also help you identify very quickly the habits that are not serving you. Having a deeper level of self-awareness & personal insight will enable you to maximise the learning impact at 2.02 One Day Workshop.

One Day Workshop: The workshop will be held in a 5* Dublin city centre hotel in January 2020. You can chose which date suits you best either Friday 17th January OR Saturday 25th January. Attendance is compulsory.

Throughout the day I will share my S.O.A.R. Leadership Enhancement Model with you. I will  teach a simple, easy-to-implement set of strategies & life hacks for each member to adopt to their unique set of needs. With the knowledge and personal insight gained from Module 1, you will already know what you want to do more of and do less of to improve your immediate and long-term performance. This model will help you identify specific triggers, cues & actions that you can use to create simple personal & professional habits for life changing sustainable results.

Personal Board of Directors: During this intense, jam-packed training day you will meet your fellow members or personal Board of Directors (PBD). Each member has been self-selected from across a diverse range of disciplines & sectors to ensure their knowledge & expertise will make a valuable contribution to the group. Working in a senior leadership position can present a range of new problems & challenges. Having access to a network of wise business professionals whom you can seek advice & counsel from is a hugely valuable resource for you on the day, throughout the program and into the future.

Bespoke Roadmap: The benefit of attending the workshop is that by the end of the day you will have created your own bespoke roadmap. Based on what you've learned from the S.O.A.R model, your roadmap will outline the habits you commit to changing across four key areas in your personal & professional life. You will know why they are important to you; how to establish your new habits; what triggers or cues to adopt; how to stack one habit on top of another and in the unlikely event you de-rail how to get back on track.

This new approach to professional development will make it so much easier for YOU to make real change. Added to this, you'll have the added help of your PBD and me as your personal coach to give you support & accountability when you need it.  This program is about building a system made up of small, easy-to-implement changes that create life changing habits.

Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress.

What would a 37% improvement look like in YOUR business  ?

All you need is a better system.


You've completed Module 1 - Self Reflection and Module 2 - Self Realisation. We're now facing the third & final stage - Self Actualisation. This phase of the program focuses on taking action to implement new habits and review your results.

Module 3 consists of three elements: 

3.01 Implementing Your Roadmap

3.02 Reflective Essay

3.03 1:1 Coaching Session

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Implementing Your Roadmap: Armed with greater self-awareness from Module 1 and your bespoke roadmap from Module 2, it's now time to start taking action. It's going to be so easy for you because you already know what small, simple changes you need to take. You know the simple strategies to follow to make long-lasting sustainable change. You know how to hold yourself accountable. With a clear sense of purpose and motivation you'll find this implementation phase easier than you imagined.

Ongoing Support / Weekly Webinar: You will be supported by your personal Board of Directors and your coach throughout this phase by joining a weekly accountability webinar as well as 1:1 support from me by phone and email.

Reflective Essay: You're starting to see results:  It's time for further self-reflection. The aim of completing an essay at this stage of the program is to take stock of where you are, what is working and what do you need to refine or remove. What impact are the changes in your habits having on your business and on your professional life ? You should be seeing noticeable improvements and feeling in greater control.

1:1 Coaching Session: The final stage of Module 3 is a personalised next steps call to discuss your experience in an open and confidential session, and set your goals for Q2. During the session you'll review your successes and also look at the tangible impact you have had on your business. What were the results ? What have you noticed? What have others noticed ? How are you feeling about the future?

The benefit of this module is the opportunity to appraise your action & new habits by comparing your behaviour with where you started 6 months ago. How do your results compare with the ambitions you set for yourself at the beginning of the program? What difference have lots of small changes had on you, your business and your results ? What benefit has your personal Board of Directors had on you & your success?

Why EVOLUTION 101 is for You

The transformation in your professional life and business will be subtle yet phenomenal:

  • You'll develop much greater clarity about how different personal and business factors impact on your performance and how to manage them to achieve higher levels of success.
  • You'll start to feel less overwhelmed each day as you learn what's most important for success and focus on what needs your attention most.
  • You'll be clearer on your messaging and notice how your communication skills improve.
  • You'll improve your ability to better manage yourself and your team during times of high stress.
  • You'll develop more effective ways of working that allow you to get more done without having to do more.
  • You'll feel more aligned to your values & purpose and see the impact it has on you as a leader.

In just six months you'll implement a bespoke system that improves your performance across a broad number of areas that is sustainable long-term. You'll experience tangible results and so will your business.


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This program is very different from other leadership development programs for 3 main reasons:
1. Incremental Changes:

Firstly, you're already a leader with a proven track record of leading people & teams. You already know a lot. The aim of this program is to fine tune and dial up those areas where small, incremental changes will make a significant difference over time.

2. New Ways of Thinking:

The program is structured in a way that enables adults to learn and develop new perspectives and ways of thinking about themselves and their business. This element of self-reflection is unique to this program. Before we start doing anything, it's critical we take time to think & strategize.

3, Develop Your Mindset:

We also need to take time to reflect on our own mindset. From my experience working with business professionals & leaders, it is the mindset that differentiates the good from the great. If you want to create long-lasting sustainable results you have to work on developing the right mindset. 

Once you've learned the strategies you need to know the compound effect of making 1% changes over years is phenomenal.

What impact will a small investment now have on your lifestyle, your salary and your performance related bonus in the next 12-24 months ?

I'm very confident you'll cover the cost multiple times over.

Why Investing In This Program Now Makes Sense


You could spend years trying to find a program that helps you make the changes you're trying to make. But that might mean having to attend evening classes, weekend lectures or even travel overseas to attend residential programs. And even then how can you be sure that it will deliver on its promise? We've all been to one day seminars that are great and we come away feeling motivated but honestly, how much impact does it have on your behaviour?

I've spent more than fifteen years working with high performing business professionals & leaders. I've attended international seminars, read lots of books, watched countless TedTalks and Youtube videos. I've read tonnes of Harvard Business Review articles. I've taken everything I've learned, tried and tested so many strategies to see what really works, and I've shared these with my top coaching clients who work with me 1:1. I've seen the results first hand and the impact it's had on them, their teams and their business impact.

This program is about putting the right systems in place and that can only happen with the right teacher. You could waste years trying to figure out how to do this.

What if you did and you finally committed to taking the necessary action only to find yourself slowly losing motivation and giving up. Because it's difficult to commit to changes when we've so much in our lives demanding our attention.



My top clients pay over €10,000 to work with me 1:1 to achieve these results. They know it's a great investment in themselves, their professional development and their business. They recoup the cost by achieving such incredible results that it pays for itself multiple times over.

To enable me to serve you and more people like you, to get the same results as my top paying clients. I created this six month program that will save you significant time and energy trying to find a solution but that will get you real results from the beginning through to the end, and far beyond into your future.

The investment cost is only €5,000 (ex VAT) per company sponsored participant.

Class numbers are limited to only ten like-minded professionals like you.

With the fast pace of business change, there has never been a better nor more important time to invest in your professional development. 

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I Also Want To Give You The Following Bonuses

Values & Principles Cards

A set of my beautifully curated Personal Principles & Core Values cards


High Performance Habits,

by Brendon Buchard


The Success Principles,

by Jack Canfield


Atomic Habits,

by James Clear

No Risk Guarantee

With all of my courses & programs I offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If for any reason the program isn't what you expected or you're not satisfied, we will provide a full refund. We want you to be fully committed to the program to ensure you get the results you deserve. If you're not happy and you wish to terminate the program within the first 30 days, we'll refund you in full.

Time Is Running Out

The deadline to sign-up to the 2020 program is Monday 16th December. All expressions of interest need to be received by Sunday 8th December. This is to ensure that all applications can be fully assessed before the closing date of Tuesday 17th December.

Places are limited to ten. I want to ensure you have enough time to receive your course material for Module 1 before Santa arrives on Wednesday 25th December - although I think this is the best gift you could give yourself in 2020 !

In addition to the program I'm also including an extra bonus of a short tutorial on how to discover your values & principles to help you achieve even faster results.

Quick Summary of EVOLUTION 101

Now is the time to sign up and join a group of like-minded, self-selected business professionals, who want to make the transformation from great to exceptional and achieve long term happiness, business impact & professional success.

Just to recap what you'll get:

EVOLUTION 101 -  is a rigorously tested six month program using a combination of learning techniques: one-to-one coaching with me; personal & group on-line mentoring; downloadable resources; self-reflection exercises; membership of your unique & personal Board of Directors (PBD); attendance at one-day workshop in 5* hotel in Dublin city centre in January 2020; weekly accountability check-ins; and a review of your results both during and at the end of the program.


Consists of three assignments:

1.01 Questionnaire

1.02 Reflective Essay

1.03 Values & Principles Exercise



Consists of three elements:

2.01 Psychometric Test For Leaders

2.02 One Day Workshop - S.O.A.R Model

2.03 Personal Board Of Directors (PBD)


Consists of three elements: 

3.01 Implementing Your Roadmap

3.02 Reflective Essay

3.03 1:1 Coaching Session


In addition to the program you'll also receive the following Bonuses:

A set of my beautifully curated Personal Principles & Core Values cards


Copies of three remarkable business & personal growth books:

  •  High Performance Habits, by Brendon Buchard
  • The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield
  • Atomic Habits, by James Clear

AND, in addition to the program, books and cards I'm also including an extra bonus of a short tutorial on how to discover your values & principles to help you achieve even faster results.

Click the button to express  your interest and I'll be in contact within 48 hours.

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Still unsure if this program is for you?

See what some of my coaching clients have said about working with me and the results they've achieved:

"After working with Michelle personally I brought her in to work with our executive team. The results were fantastic."

Head of HR

"The impact it's had on my business & team has been amazing but the real difference for me has been in how I feel each and every day. I'm more composed, more confident and feel like I have a lot more clarity. I feel less overwhelmed and more in control."


"I thought I was a high performer already but working with Michelle enabled me and my business to reach a whole new level of success. Following her methodology enabled us to achieve subtle but significant performance improvements relatively easily"


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