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About Michelle's Premium - Six Session - Coaching Program

Achieve Greater Clarity. Find Answers. Take Action.

Hi, I'm Michelle O'Connor, an international career strategist, leadership coach & trainer. As a former international headhunter, I helped corporates find the very best strategic, leadership talent for their businesses. Now as a career strategist, mentor & coach I leverage this knowledge, insight & perspective to help my clients and people just like you align your career with what you do best to become a more impactful leader, more effective executive & a better communicator.

  • Are you trying to decide whether to stay or leave your organisation, but struggling to decide if this is really the best thing to do? After all, you're really well paid, the work is interesting enough but you know you want and can do more?
  • Have you stepped up into a new leadership role and want to work with a mentor to help you see your blind spots and who can be an objective sounding board for you ?
  • Are you driven and ambitious but are feeling more comfortable than ignited and charged? Do you want to regain that feeling again ?
  • Are you struggling to achieve clarity on what you really want in your career?
  • Are you at an important crossroads realising that what you do next will have a fundamental impact on the next phase of your life, but struggling to figure out what is the right thing to do?
  • Are you overseas and trying to relocate home but unsure whether this is the right move? You need answers but have no one to turn to.
  • Are you feeling like you've no one to turn to to share your concerns with, a professional who understands your challenges, who will advise and guide you with YOUR best interests at heart ?

I know from personal experience how hard it can feel. I found myself in my early forties having worked as a recruiter & headhunter for more than 20 years struggling to figure out what I wanted. I was asking myself 'is this it? What would make me fulfilled & passionate again? I remember feeling very lost and alone. 

So what did I do?

  • I read a lot of personal development books, some from over 20 years ago that were still sitting on my bookshelf as well as more recent publications.
  • I watched lots of videos on Youtube.
  • I signed up to a number of online training courses.
  • I recalled a number of strategies I used as a headhunter to help executives struggling with their careers and I started to use them.
  • I asked myself lots and lots of challenging questions.
  • I decided to work with a coach

When I look back now I still can't believe how much my career & my life has been transformed. I'm so much happier. 

I'm living and working in alignment with my values & principles. I've created the lifestyle that enables me to balance my family & work commitments while achieving incredible abundance & fulfilment. 

I've witnessed firsthand the impact that many clients have experienced too.

Their careers & lives have been transformed. 

They're living with greater clarity. They feel in control of their careers. They've achieved greater levels of career progression & success while also experiencing greater joy & fulfilment. 

For some that was a promotion within their current organisation, others returned home from overseas to start a new role, many moved into a new & more exciting sector and some even started their own business. 


I'd love to tell you about my incredible Premium Coaching Program. 

  1. The program involves working with me one-to-one, by phone or Skype, for six one hour sessions.
  2. Together we'll work on gaining clarity on your career & leadership objectives and a clear vision for your future.
  3. Bespoke training & mentoring to create the strategies you need & develop actionable solutions that move you towards your desired goals.
  4. With greater clarity & control comes increased confidence as you move closer to achieving your desired outcome.
  5. Look forward to the next phase of your career with renewed passion & optimism.

I specialise in helping ambitious & passionate executives like your gain greater clarity. When we're clear about who we are and what we want, we can then take the necessary steps to make it happen with renewed motivation & passion. 

I find that most people don't give themselves the opportunity or the time to reflect on what they really want. When we don't even know what we want then how can we possibly make it happen? However once we know what we want ie we know our strategy, then we can start building a tactical plan of action with clear objectives and goals.

And the benefit to you is that you'll do this significantly quicker than trying to do it alone.

The question is what will happen if you don't take action? What will your future look like?

Now compare this to what is possible when you decide to invest in your career and be ambitious for a better future ?  Decide today that you want more fulfilment & satisfaction. That's life changing. 

I have helped clients achieve the seemingly impossible. It's never too late & you're never too old. 

For most clients this has resulted in them achieving a greater impact in their organisation, increased career satisfaction while retaining, and most often increasing their six figure salary.


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