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I help you clarify & align your core values for maximum career & business success.

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Core Values & Personal Principles

Do you know your personal principles & core values ? Want to feel more confident in the knowledge that your decisions align to who you really are ? I believe that personal principles act as our compass and core values act as our map. As we journey through our lives and career, doesn't it make sense we use both to guide our way.

About The Cards

In this really short video I share with you why I made the cards available to you and how to use them. Find out your core values & personal principles and start living in alignment with them for maximum career and business success.


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I help you clarify & align your core values for maximum career & business success.

About Michelle's Values & Principles Cards

Get your own set of core values & personal principles cards. Developed and created especially for you by the international leadership coach & career mentor - Michelle O'Connor

Hi, I'm Michelle and I want to help you clarify & align your core values for maximum career & business success. Having worked as an international headhunter for years I saw and spoke to thousands of people who were unhappy in work. Many felt stuck. They wanted to feel more challenged & fulfilled but struggled to figure out what they really wanted or how to make it happen.

Have you ever had any of these challenges?

I certainly know from personal experience how it feels. It's crippling. We can feel powerless, lost & confused. 

But I discovered something remarkable. When I figured out what my core values & personal principles where back in 2015 it changed my life. I started making better decisions which where aligned to them. I started standing up for myself and what I wanted. I found myself directing my life & career in a way that I'd never done before. It was empowering & life changing. I've recently revisited the cards and become even clearer on what I want from the next phase of my career and my business. 

I've worked with hundreds of clients and watched them achieve incredible results once they figured out what their values & principles were.

We often think or assume that we know but using the cards has surprised most of my clients. 

What Have Clients Achieved By Using The Cards:

  • Deeper levels of clarity;
  • Developed more confidence in their decision making;
  • Made changes in their lives that have had a profound positive impact;
  • Increased their levels of happiness;
  • Improved their fulfilment in both work & home;
  • Greater realignment in their lives by focusing on those things that REALLY are important to them.


Core Values & Personal Principles Cards

About the cards:

You'll receive a beautifully curated set of 72 cards, packed in a sleek, slimline box.

Contained within are clear instructions on how to use the cards. Very simply, you'll be asked to take some time to yourself to lay the cards out in front of you and reflect on two separate questions:

1. What Are My Core Values ? What's important to me at this phase in my life & career ?

2. What Are My Personal Principles? What are those things that make me who I am and have always been part of me, whether aged 5, 15, 25 or 45? 

At the end of the exercise you will have achieved 3 things:

1. List of 5-6 Core values;

2. List of 5-6 Personal Principles; and

3. A renewed sense of confidence & clarity around your decision making which you can begin to implement immediately. It's time to start creating the life you always wanted & transform your future.

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I help you clarify & align your core values for maximum career & business success.


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