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About You

I work with ambitious professionals who are already successful but who find themselves at a crossroads for many reasons.

Do you find yourself looking for a new role and need help ?

Have you been struggling to figure out how to prepare for interview while being your authentic self ?

Not sure if your cv or Linkedin are telling your story as well as they should ?

Are you concerned that your network is limited ?

Have you found yourself so frustrated dealing with headhunters who don’t reply to your emails or return your calls?

These are the kinds of problems I love to solve. Let me help you. 


I Help You Clarify and Align Your Core Values for Maximum Career Success.

About The 6 Month Program

The next phase of your career is really important. Access my knowledge, insight & network through coaching, cheatsheets and scripts to help you land your next role.

Are you at a point where you know that you need to do something about your career but the problem is that you haven’t got a clue where to start ? My coaching program - Transform Your Future In Six - can help you.

  • The program involves working with me as your coach – one to one – by phone or skype for six one hour sessions.
  • In between the coaching sessions and calls I share practical exercises & work sheets with you as well as the best online resources to help you keep motivated, engaged & focused on landing your next role. 

Like an 'a la carte' menu, the following is a list of options / exercises you can select from depending on your career goals & needs: 

  • Your values & Principles (the building blocks for ensuring future happiness);
  • a clear vision of your ideal career & lifestyle;
  • gain clarity on your skills & capabilities & figure out what is your unique value;
  • an in-depth analysis of the career & life journey to date (this enables us to see what the next step could be);
  • creating a clear story about who you are and what you want that you can deliver with confidence to headhunters, decision makers & influencers;
  • developing a why statement outlining what you do and the impact it has on others. This is a game changer for many clients.

And there's more: 

  • a professional review with constructive feedback of your cv & LinkedIn profile;
  • clear scripts to use on emails ensuring your message creates impact;
  • advice on how to optimise your network and coffee meetings;
  • access to my network to penetrate the executive market;
  • a social media strategy focusing on how to build your online presence, no matter where you are in the world;
  • interview preparation focused at executive level;
  • and contract and salary negotiations.

This is really great because all the ground work has been done for you. You just need to select what you need. 


This coaching program is different !

  • This is different because most coaches don’t cover this topic in as much depth as I do;
  • is different because most coaches don’t teach you in the way that I’m gonna teach you;
  • is different because most people haven’t gotten the results I’ve gotten;
  • is different because this is delivered in a different way.


And what have I got that is different ?

Well my expertise as an international headhunter and my understanding of the executive jobs market which I’m going to share with you as we work together.

I spent 15 years learning how to do this and do it well at world class executive level. Now you could spend the next 15 years trying to figure this out but this is not going to cost you as much time.


The program costs €3,000 euros ex VAT at 23%  and we offer two payment options including three monthly instalments.

And I’ve got some extra bonuses for you:

  1. A copy of Brendon Buchard High Performance Habits that will help you increase success at executive level;
  2. A set of my carefully curated values & principles cards delivered direct to you. These cards have transformed other clients understanding of who they are and what they want in life. So I’m including them in this program;
  3. And thirdly I’m going to give you email scripts that make you stand out & make a winning impression with headhunters & key influencers. 


As with all of my programs and products I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy no problem, we’ll refund you your money back.

And remember I'm also giving you access to my network as well as names & email addresses. I’ve got contact details in this coaching program for you.

I invite you to book a strategy call to discuss how I can help.


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